Diagnostic Tests

Sunrise Edition

Diagnostic tests for Language Arts and Math are used to place students in CLE curriculum. We recommend testing below grade level. Tests 100-400 are for students in Grades 1-5. Tests 500-800 are for students in Grades 6-9. Because new Sunrise editions continue to be developed, it is important to use current tests.

Teacher's Manuals are necessary for testing. Contains directions for administering the test and scoring the test for placement.

Downloadable versions of these tests are available. Click the link for the test or Teacher's Manual below. The link to the PDF file is in the Files and Samples box below the item information.

Language Arts 100-400
Language Arts 100-400 Teacher's Manual

Math 100-400
Math 100-400 Teacher's Manual

Language Arts 500-800
Language Arts 500-800 Teacher's Manual

Math 500-800
Math 500-800 Teacher's Manual


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