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Auto fundamentals

Auto Fundamentals

1 Credit

Based on the textbook Auto Fundamentals (©2005), this course covers design, construction, and operation of automotive systems. Auto systems are taught by first explaining the principle of each and then describing the individual parts.

The student study guide leads students through the course along with an Auto Fundamentals workbook. Ten LightUnit tests are provided.

The teacher’s materials give answers for the workbook exercises, a test answer key, and removable teacher notes.  After completing this course, students should have a good understanding of automotive technology and how each automotive system functions. (Grade 11 or 12)

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Car care

Car Care

½ Credit

As of September 2014, The Car Care Book, Fourth Edition textbook is no longer available here. The student and teacher material is available while supplies last. We offer the Auto Upkeep course as a replacement.

Based on the textbook The Car Care Book, Fourth Edition (©2010), this course is suitable for boys or girls. It introduces students to the major systems of a car, the basics of inspection and maintenance, and the financial aspects of owning and operating a vehicle. After discussing what makes the car run, and the basic tools for necessary maintenance, the text gives guidance in developing a maintenance program and doing minor repairs. It also discusses repairing vs. selling, gives tips for buying parts, insurance, and warranties, and ends with chapters on buying or leasing a car.

Five LightUnits (in one workbook) guide the student through the text and provide exercises, review, self checks, and LightUnit tests.

The teacher material includes removable notes and answers for exercises and tests. (Grade 9 and up)

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Computer service and repair

Computer Service & Repair

1 Credit

Based on the textbook Computer Service and Repair (©2008), this course teaches the fundamentals of computer technology. It takes CLE’s Computer Basics course a step further, showing how to upgrade, configure, troubleshoot, and network personal computers. The text explains the electronics needed to make devices work and the different stages in their development.

After this course, students will have the prerequisites for pursuing more technical areas involving computers.

A student study guide leads the student through the course and provides ten LightUnit Tests. (Grade 10 or 11)

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Home repair and maintenance

Home Repair & Maintenance

1 Credit

Home Repair and Maintenance (©1996) teaches the how-to’s of repairing and maintaining a residential structure. It borrows skills and techniques from carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electricity, and other building trades. Students learn how to repair roofs, windows, cabinets, water systems, electrical wiring, heating and cooling systems, and insulation.

A student guide and ten tests direct the student through the textbook.

Teacher information includes answers for the textbook exercises, Lightunit exercises, and the tests. (Grade 9 and up)

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Modern residential wiring

Modern Residential Wiring

1 Credit

Modern Residential Wiring 8th Edition covers basic information for installing electrical wiring in homes or light industrial applications. It introduces electrical energy fundamentals, circuit theory and components, electrician’s tools, grounding essentials, types and components of wiring systems, device wiring, reading prints, electrical remodeling, and more. The course is based on the 2008 National Electric Code, which is recommended but not required for the course.

Student materials include a workbook, a student guide, and ten tests.

Besides information on the course, the teacher materials contain answers for the workbook, exercises, and tests. (Grade 10 and up)

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Bible grade 9 12

Bible 1000

Old Testament Survey

10 LightUnits - 1 Credit

This course is a survey of the Old Testament. Each LightUnit includes a self test for each section and a LightUnit test, and should be completed in about three weeks. The outline for Bible 1000 is as follows:

1001 Creation to Abraham
1002 Abraham to Moses
1003 The Exodus and Wanderings
1004 Israel in Canaan
1005 The Judges and Spiritual Decline
1006 The Kingdom
1007 The Divided Kingdom
1008 The Remaining Kingdom
1009 The Captivity
1010 The Restoration

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Language arts grade 12

Perspectives of Truth in Literature

Sunrise Edition

2 Workbooks - 1 Credit

This ten-LightUnit, two-workbook, one-credit course is based on the textbook Perspectives of Truth in Literature, which uses selected quality literature to teach spiritual truth. Exercises in the textbook develop vocabulary, understanding of literary technique, reading comprehension, and thinking and composition skills.

The outline of the course is as follows:
Unit 1 Truth—A Thematic Anthology of Literature About Truth
Unit 2 The Short Story—For Unfolding Truth
Unit 3 Poetry—A Cadence for Expressing Truth
Unit 4 The Essay—For Expounding Truth

Each LightUnit contains two quizzes and a test. Currently there is no teacher’s material except answer keys.

The newer edition is available here.

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