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Language arts grade 5
Reading grade 6

Grade 6 Reading - First Edition

Sunrise Edition

Sixth graders need examples of courageous men and women to follow. The reader Calls to Courage provides such examples: George Washington Carver, who coaxed poor Alabama soil into production; young Jakob, who discovered the meaning of the word responsibility; Judith, who found that maturity doesn’t come in the mail; Jack, the slave who found the most important thing in the world and suffered so others could have it too.

Along with character-building themes of contentment, courage, and commitment, the accompanying LightUnits help students understand and think deeply about what they read. They expand their reading comprehension and evaluation skills and apply important lessons to their own lives. Two or three lessons a week cover a year’s work.

An optional Teacher’s Guide provides brief teacher’s notes, useful appendices, and alternate LightUnit tests.

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Science grade 6 8

Science 600

Each LightUnit in this course takes about seventeen days to complete, providing work for a 170-day school year. Science 600 covers the tools and methods of science, astronomy, the solar system, atmospheric conditions, climate, and human anatomy. The specific themes, one per LightUnit, are as follows:

601 What is Science?
602 Making Comparisons
603 The Heavens Declare: Part 1
604 The Heavens Declare: Part 2
605 Earth’s Atmosphere
606 Weather
607 Climate
608 Human Anatomy Part 1
609 Human Anatomy Part 2
610 Review

Each LightUnit contains one self check per section and one final test.

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Language arts grade 12

Perspectives of Truth in Literature

Sunrise Edition

2 Workbooks - 1 Credit

This ten-LightUnit, two-workbook, one-credit course is based on the textbook Perspectives of Truth in Literature, which uses selected quality literature to teach spiritual truth. Exercises in the textbook develop vocabulary, understanding of literary technique, reading comprehension, and thinking and composition skills.

The outline of the course is as follows:
Unit 1 Truth—A Thematic Anthology of Literature About Truth
Unit 2 The Short Story—For Unfolding Truth
Unit 3 Poetry—A Cadence for Expressing Truth
Unit 4 The Essay—For Expounding Truth

Each LightUnit contains two quizzes and a test. Currently there is no teacher’s material except answer keys.

The newer edition is available here.

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