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Language arts 3 ak set

Language Arts 3

While supplies last. Older-style Answer Keys for the Language Arts 3 course.

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Exploring agriscience

Exploring Agriscience

1 Credit

This course is based on a middle school textbook Exploring Agriscience, Fourth Edition (©2011). It introduces students to a wide range of agricultural topics including forestry, landscaping, biotechnology, and aquaculture. Students learn the most significant components of agriculture and its importance to society. The book teaches many interesting facts about plants and animals without overloading them with details.

One workbook, instead of 10 individual LightUnits, guides the student through the text. Ten LightUnit tests are included.

Teacher materials include answers for all LightUnit exercises, self checks, and tests, and notes for the teacher. (Grades 8-10)

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Biblia 100 600 lu set

Biblia 500

El estudio de la Biblia es esential para aquel que quiera aprender más acerca de Dios y el mundo espiritual. En este curso encatador, los estudiantes aprenden acerca de los ángeles, la omnipresencia de Dios, la autoridad establecida por Dios, y los dos destinos eternos. Estudian también acerca de los viajes misioneros de Pablo, la estructura de la Biblia, y evidencias de lo que creemos.

Este curso incluye 10 libros de trabajo. Cada uno contiene un examen.

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Language arts grade 12

Perspectives of Truth in Literature

Sunrise Edition

2 Workbooks - 1 Credit

This ten-LightUnit, two-workbook, one-credit course is based on the textbook Perspectives of Truth in Literature, which uses selected quality literature to teach spiritual truth. Exercises in the textbook develop vocabulary, understanding of literary technique, reading comprehension, and thinking and composition skills.

The outline of the course is as follows:
Unit 1 Truth—A Thematic Anthology of Literature About Truth
Unit 2 The Short Story—For Unfolding Truth
Unit 3 Poetry—A Cadence for Expressing Truth
Unit 4 The Essay—For Expounding Truth

Each LightUnit contains two quizzes and a test. Currently there is no teacher’s material except answer keys.

The newer edition is available here.

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