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HS Electives - LightUnit Based

Computer basics

Computer Basics

5 LightUnits - ½ Credit

This five-LightUnit, one-semester course gives students a foundation for learning computer applications. A computer is not mandatory, but would be beneficial to the student. LightUnits 1 and 2 are a basic history of computers and describe how computers work. LightUnits 3 and 4 deal with computer software, including word processing, databases, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, and more. LightUnit 5 deals with computers in the workplace and choosing a suitable computer and compatible software. (Grade 9 and up)

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Consumer math

Consumer Math

10 LightUnits - 1 Credit

This ten-LightUnit course applies math to everyday situations. The themes for each LightUnit are as follows:

LU 1 Creative Arithmetic
LU 2 Fractions, Decimals, and Percent
LU 3 Family Finances 1
LU 4 Family Finances 2
LU 5 Construction and Building Trades
LU 6 Service Occupations
LU 7 Transportation
LU 8 Business Services
LU 9 Occupational Diagrams
LU 10 Review

Each LightUnit contains one self test per section and one LightUnit test. For a full year’s study, each LU must be completed in about three weeks. (Grade 9 or above)

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Home economics i

Home Economics I

10 LightUnits - 1 Credit

This 10-LightUnit course introduces high school girls to skills and knowledge needed to be godly wives, mothers, and homemakers. Many hands-on assignments provide practice in these skills.

LightUnits 1-4 cover food preparation from basic nutrition to smart shopping to putting tasty food on the table. LightUnits 5-7 teach sewing from the basics of sewing machine operation to actually sewing clothing. LightUnit 8 discusses how to keep a godly home clean and clutter-free. LightUnit 9 covers child development from birth to the preteen years.

LightUnit 10 focuses on the student herself, giving her guidance in becoming a godly woman. She is challenged to understand herself, God’s plan for her body, her relationship with God, friendships, modesty, singlehood, and Christian courtship. (Grade 9 and up)

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Home economics ii

Home Economics II

Sunrise Edition

Each LightUnit 0.1 Credit

LightUnit 1—Baking Breads
LightUnit 2—Baking Pies and Cakes
LightUnit 3—Food Gardening and Preservation
LightUnit 4—ABCs of Money Management

The answer keys for these LightUnits are included in the center of each LightUnit.

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