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Kindergarten II

Sunrise Edition

The goal of CLE Kindergarten II is introduction to sounds and numbers, but not necessarily mastery. Workbooks and Activity Books are done simultaneously—a lesson from each per day.

Kindergarten II has five LittleLight Workbooks. They prepare students to use CLE’s Learning to Read program. They introduce the concepts of matching, dot-to-dot, color names, sounds, letter writing, recognizing and writing numbers 1-100, and more.

The five LittleLight Activity Books provide fun activities such as coloring, cutting and pasting, identifying, and more.

A complete Teacher's Guide is in development and is projected to be finished in 2016. Separate answer keys are not available.

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Abc readiness set 7 books

ABC Readiness Series

Due to the publisher's request, this set is no longer available online. Call the CLE Order Department at 800.776.0478 to add this to your order.

These six workbooks and one softcover Bible story book are designed to prepare children for first grade. In the ABC Readiness Series, children practice skills essential to a successful start in learning to read.
The ABC Readiness Series provides the four- or five-year-old with short periods of pre-reading activities a few times per week. As he matures, you can gradually increase the frequency and duration of these lessons. You will sense when he is ready for more structured learning. By carefully watching the child's progress, you can tailor his work so that he is neither pushed too early nor held back too long, so that you have neither a frustrated nor an unchallenged student. This set provides learning activities such as distinguishing colors and shapes, cutting and pasting, listening to Bible stories and answering questions, recognizing the numbers from 1 to 10, forming letters correctly, tracing, following directions, writing their own names, and hearing initial consonant sounds.

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Ghi readiness set

GHI Series

Due to the publisher's request, this set is no longer available online. Call the CLE Order Department at 800.776.0478 to add this to your order.

This series follows the ABC Readiness Series. The basic purposes are the same in both series: helping parents give constructive guidance to each child prior to entering first grade, and helping children appreciate and increase interest and knowledge in the world around them.

This series gives further practice with the same basic visual, auditory, mental, oral, and motor skills as the preceding series. Simple directions are given in coloring, tracing, writing, drawing, counting, matching, cutting, and pasting.

The books in the series are generally used in alphabetical sequence and basically have the same level of difficulty. However, each book is self-contained and may be done in any order according to the child's needs.

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