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Century 21 Accounting Textbook 7th Edition - Used

Recommended for Grade 11 or 12. Used, clean textbook. Multicolumn journal accounting in three cycles: 1) Accounting for Service Business Organized as a Proprietorship, 2) Accounting for a Merchandising Business Organized as a Partnership, and 3) A...

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Item: 606210S   Pages: 690   Publisher: South-Western Educational Publishing

Accounting student

Accounting 7th Edition - Student Material

Consists of the CLE Study Guide and all necessary working papers.

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Item: 606200   Publisher: South-Western Educational Publishing

Accounting teacher

Accounting 7th Edition - Teacher Materials - Used

Consists of the CLE Teacher's Materials (new) and Teacher's editions of all working papers (used but in clean condition).

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Item: 606220S   Publisher: South-Western Educational Publishing


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