Keeping Financial Records • HS Electives - Textbook Based

Keeping financial records

Keeping Financial Records - Textbook - 10th Edition
Burton S. Kaliski, Ed.D.; Dan Passalacqua, M.A.; Robert A. Schultheis, Ph.D.

(© 2006) This course equips students with a broad knowledge of business operations and the basic skills they'll need to keep better financial records in sales or support occupations. Less technical than our Accounting course. Computer activitie...

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Item: 606440   ISBN: 9780538441537   Pages: 740   Size: 8 3/4 x 11 1/4 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: South-Western Cengage Learning

Keeping financial records working papers

Keeping Financial Records - Student Material - 10th Edition

Contains two student workbooks (Working Papers), a student guide, and ten LightUnit tests.

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Keeping financial records teacher

Keeping Financial Records - Teacher Material - 10th Edition

Contains information for teaching the course, along with answer keys for the workbooks, student guide, and the LightUnit tests.

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