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All glorious within

All Glorious Within: A Treasury of Inspiration for Young Women
Susannah Rose Dorfsmith

The King’s Daughter longs to be "all glorious within", but how can she keep her shine for the Lord amidst the storms of life? Brimful with heartfelt poetry and prose, this book give answers and inspiration for the common challenges faced by young ...

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Item: 241595   ISBN: 9780879193379   Pages: 114   Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Carlisle Press

The bible promise book

The Bible Promise Book

A comforting collection of God's promises, categorized by subject. A ready resource in periods of difficulty or doubt and an inexpensive gift for family or friends.

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Item: 241010   ISBN: 9780916441432   Pages: 172   Size: 4.25 x 6.75 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.

A call to prayer

A Call to Prayer
J. C. Ryle

The author's basic question is "Do you pray?" J. C. Ryle (1816-1900) knew that praying is as natural and as necessary to spiritual life as breathing is to physical life. He presents a wake-up call for Christians to enter the secret place and commu...

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Item: 241265   ISBN: 1879737205   Pages: 43   Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Charles Nolan Publishers

A child to call my own

A Child to Call My Own
Compiled by Marilyn Wiens, Kaylene Hartzler, Yalonda Horst

Many women have known the heartbreaking reality of infertility and miscarriage. To some, God opens the miraculous door of adoption. In this compilation, more than thirty women share heartfelt meditations, poems, songs, and Scriptures—inspiration f...

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Item: 241575   ISBN: 9780915534015   Pages: 328   Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Children of Promise Publishers

The christian hymnary

The Christian Hymnary

Over 1000 hymns for the church, home, and school. Several distinctive features of this hymnbook are a children's section, hymns of Anabaptist martyrs, and hymns by Mennonite writers. Handy size in spite of the large number of songs. Shaped notes.

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Item: 285015   Pages: 926   Size: 5.625 x 8.75 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Christian Hymnary Publishers

Christmas favorites

Christmas Favorites

Fifty-four Christmas songs—some old favorites, some new or less familiar—here in one little book. You'll find it invaluable for caroling and a good addition to family reunions. 54 songs.

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Item: 285175   Pages: 54   Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: SilverLine

Church hymnal

Church Hymnal
Coffman and Brunk

A standard of excellence in Mennonite hymnals. A collection of 657 sturdy hymns that have stood the test of time. Shaped notes.

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Item: 285010   ISBN: 0836111060   Pages: 535   Size: 5.75 x 8.375 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Mennonite Publishing House

Comfort for troubled christians

Comfort for Troubled Christians
J. C. Brumfield

"And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver. . . . and purge them as gold and silver . . ." God's children can be joyous and victorious even in the midst of the fire of trial and suffering. An encouraging book for all Christians, this bo...

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Item: 241045   ISBN: 0802414044   Pages: 64   Size: 3.5 x 5.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Moody Publishers

Daily truth for godly youth

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Daily Truth for Godly Youth
Howard Bean

"Just like tea, the longer we are immersed in the Word, the stronger we become." This devotional book offers 365 meditations on God's Word to strengthen the soul.  Interesting, practical, and uplifting. For teens and adults.

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Item: 241445   ISBN: 0878136401   Pages: 396   Size: 6 x 9 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Daughters of eve daughters of god

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Daughters of Eve, Daughters of God
Brenda Weaver

As a fearful five-year-old, the author watched her family break apart and her father storm angrily out of their lives. Heartbroken, she could not imagine how God would ever fill her empty longings. Years later she could look back and see God's pow...

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Item: 241465   ISBN: 978087813646   Pages: 232   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Don t throw in the towel

Don't Throw in the Towel
Simon Schrock

Discouraged? Misunderstood? Slandered? Ready to throw in the towel? Hold it right there. Don't move another inch down the path of despair. Pick up a clean towel. Receive a fresh surge of victory to serve Christ. This book offers a message of encou...

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Item: 241405   ISBN: 097170547X   Pages: 65   Size: 5 x 8 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Vision Publishers

Evangilistic selections from the christian hymnal

Evangelistic Selections from the Christian Hymnal

This collection of 161 selections from the Christian Hymnal is a nice little songbook for small-group singings. Shaped notes.

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Item: 285195   Pages: 146   Size: 5.5 x 8 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Gospel Publishers

Faces of syria

Faces of Syria
Katrina Hoover, photography by Rosetta Byers

Move beyond the news reports and speculations about this war-torn country for an up close and personal look at the plight of Syrian families. In this book, Katrina Hoover and Rosetta Byers share the results of their interviews with refugees living...

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Item: 265055   ISBN: 9781941213902   Pages: 160   Size: 8 x 8 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: TGS International

Faithful at fifty

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Faithful at Fifty
Edith S. Witmer

As you near fifty, are you wistfully glancing back at what used to be? Or are you looking forward with anticipation? Faithful at Fifty speaks to older mothers, grandmothers, single women—to any woman adapting to the changing roles that come with a...

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Item: 241485   ISBN: 9780878136629   Pages: 178   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Fresh and fruitful

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Fresh and Fruitful: Cultivating the Art of Writing
Christine Laws

Fresh writing surprises the reader; this book may surprise you too. Most writing books focus on one kind of writing, but this quick and lively read is for all Christian writers—from poets to essayists and everyone in between.

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Item: 296065   ISBN: 9780878137374   Pages: 64   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Fruitful families

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Fruitful Families
Howard Bean

Many parents see the importance of family worship, but struggle to find material suitable for their whole family. Fruitful Families addresses that need.

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Item: 241515   ISBN: 9780878136827   Pages: 375   Size: 6 x 9 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Homeschooling with joy

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Homeschooling With Joy
Compiled by Frieda Thiessen

Are your lofty goals growing dim and your focus turning to survival? If that’s where you are, or what you want to avoid, this collection of articles offers encouragement and practical help. Written by home educators who have learned valuable lesso...

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Item: 241510   ISBN: 9780878136742   Pages: 201   Size: 5.25 x 7.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Hymns of the church

Hymns of the Church
Compiled by John D. Martin

Hymns of the Church contains 1017 hymns specially chosen for the rich content of timeless truths they express.

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Item: 285205   ISBN: 9780615364742   Pages: 951   Size: 6.125 x 9.25 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Benchmark Press

Hymns we love no 3 arranged for men

Hymns We Love No. 3 Arranged for Men
Marvin E. Zimmerman

Collection of 509 songs arranged for men’s music. This book is a combination of Hymns We Love No. 1 and Hymns We Love No. 2, with an additional 235 songs added. Shaped notes.

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Item: 285200   ISBN: 1897080042   Pages: 480   Size: 6.375 x 9 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Marvin E. Zimmerman


Amy Carmichael

Too often, in spite of our many hymns and prayers for love, we find ourselves content in the shallows of love—if indeed such shallows should be called love at all. This book will not permit you to ever be content with shallows again. The "ifs" wil...

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Item: 241340   ISBN: 0875080715   Pages: 94 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: CLC Publications

Journey into god's will

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Journey Into God's Will
Mary Diller

The Christian life isn't handed to us like a vacation tour package complete with itinerary, maps, glossy photos, and descriptions of points of interest. Rather, it is more like Ruth's journey to Israel from Moab: walking by faith into an unfamilia...

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Item: 241450   ISBN: 978087813641   Pages: 130   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Joy in serving jesus

Joy in Serving Jesus
Samuel Beachy

For Young Men. Join Joseph Byler as he grows from a young schoolboy to a tested Christian man. Covers many areas of life that young men face throughout their adolescent and singlehood years. Complete with study questions after each chapter. A good...

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Item: 242280   ISBN: 9780984098545   Pages: 91   Size: 5.375 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Ridgeway Publishing

The mennonite hymnal

Mennonite Hymnal
Joint Hymnal Committee

653 songs along with additional worship resources. Shaped notes.

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Item: 285045   Pages: 640   Size: 5.75 x 7.5 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Herald Press

The more abundant life

The More Abundant Life
Renetta Brovont

A year of daily devotionals inspired by the trials and triumphs of a wife and mother of seven on a dairy farm. Grow in your daily walk with Jesus through “sermons in a nutshell,” and be inspired by the testimonies of others traveling the same road...

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Item: 241635   ISBN: 9780988543409   Pages: 385   Size: 6 x 9 Binding: Paperback

More tea leaves

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More Tea Leaves
Nancy Stutzman

Were you one of the thousands of women blessed by Tea Leaves? Now you can enjoy a second collection of devotional meditations offering sisterly companionship and the hope of God's grace. A dozen women share from their hearts about walking with Chr...

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Item: 241146   ISBN: 0878135928   Pages: 373   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Music in biblical perspective

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Music in Biblical Perspective
John Coblentz

This study of the Christian and his music deals forthrightly with the purpose of Christian music, the effects of wrong music, and the rationale for a cappella singing in worship. Study guide available.

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Item: 241085   ISBN: 9780878136940   Pages: 52   Size: 5.25 x 8.125 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

My father's world

My Father's World
Pablo Yoder, Photographs by Jacinto Yoder

Colorful pages, fascinating photos, and intriguing stories inspire youngsters to explore God’s wonderful world. And, in exploring, children learn about God—His power, creativity, intelligence, humor, and love.<br />

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Item: 350245   ISBN: 9781936208012   Pages: 150   Size: 8 x 10.25 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: TGS International

My soul's delights

My Soul's Delights
Merna Shank

Twelve pages of inspirational verse pointing to comforts from God in stressful times. Full-color photographs. Suitable as a greeting card for the grieving. Envelope included.

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Item: 241090   ISBN: 0878135405   Pages: 16   Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Ordered steps

Ordered Steps: Encouragement for Single Women
Jessica Dorfsmith

In a world where most are married before 25, how can a single woman find fulfillment and purpose-especially if she'd like to be married? Ordered Steps looks with poignant honesty at the ups and downs of single life, and delves into the unlimited r...

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Item: 241600   ISBN: 9781933753249   Pages: 138   Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Carlisle Press

Our hymns of praise

Our Hymns of Praise
J. Mark Stauffer

An old favorite, Our Hymns of Praise has been revised and reprinted. It has 26 new songs, thanks to an appendix added by the new publisher. It contains songs chosen especially for children, and includes familiar favorites as well as new ones that ...

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Item: 285025   Pages: 186   Size: 7.5 x 7.5 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Prism Productions

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