FAQ - Curriculum Support

1.    How long does it take the student to work through a LightUnit?

A student needs to complete one LightUnit in each course every 17 days in order to complete the whole grade level in one school year and leave room for a few field trips or sick days. Language Arts has only 15 lessons in each LightUnit. We recommend using at least the equivalent of two lessons per LightUnit for creative writing.

2.    How do I use the three boxes at the end of a Self Check/Test?

Use the first box to write down the student’s raw score (number of points correct); the second box the percent score; and the last box is for the teacher/parent’s initials, stating they have checked over the student’s progress.

3.    How do I grade the student’s daily work?

The daily work between self tests and quizzes should be scored and corrected every day. The grade is based on the LightUnit test or the average of quizzes and LightUnit test.

4.    Why is the LightUnit test in the middle of the LightUnit?

The LightUnit test is stapled into the middle of the LightUnit so that it is easy to pull out and store in a secure place. Students should not have access to this test (or the quizzes in the back of the LightUnit) before they are ready to take it.

5.    Where are the answers for the quizzes?

The answers to the quizzes are next to the LightUnit test answers in the middle of the answer key. If students score their work themselves the answers to the tests and quizzes need to be pulled out of the answer key and stored in a secure place.

6.    How do Homeschool students earn credit for Physical Education?

  • By participating in a variety of acceptable activities that promote health and fitness.
  • 240 hours of participation are required for 1.0 credit.
  • Contact our office for more information, and for approval.

7.    Do you offer a Health course?

A Health course often has several aspects: the functions and proper care of our bodies, moral issues, and safety. Health as it relates to the functions and proper care of our bodies is incorporated into CLE’s Science LightUnits. You may choose 5 of the following CLE Science LightUnits for a semester course of  Health.  However, if the student has already completed any of these LightUnits, they cannot be duplicated.

Science LightUnits that may be used for a Health course:  
Science LightUnit 508      Your Wonderful Body Part 1
Science LightUnit 509      Your Wonderful Body Part 2
Science LightUnit 608      Human Anatomy I
Science LightUnit 609      Human Anatomy II
Science LightUnit 702      God-Designed Body Systems
Science LightUnit 804      Health and Nutrition
Science LightUnit 905      Body Health I
Science LightUnit 906      Body Health II
Science LightUnit 1006    Human Anatomy and Physiology

Moral Issues:

For parents desiring to provide a sex education course, or if this course is required by the state, we suggest that you read several of the following books, arranging in a logical order the topics you want to teach. (Young Man, Be Strong is not as closely related to the topic, but still contains some valuable related material.)

Make up a list of reading assignments for each topic from these books, as well as other suitable resources you may have.   
Beautiful Girlhood    Mabel Hale    
Christian Manhood    Merle Eshleman    
Courtship That Glorifies God    John Coblentz    
God's Will For my Body-Guidance for Adolescents    John Coblentz    
Looking at Myself Before Loving Someone Else    John Coblentz    
What about Boy/Girl Friendships   Lester Showalter    
Young Man, Be Strong    David G. Burkholder   
Keep Yourself Pure    B. Charles Hostetter   
Growing Into Godly Womanhood (Home Economics I #10)   

Other Health-Related Options

Kitchen Safety is covered in the first section of LightUnit 1 of the Home Economics I course.
Nutrition is discussed in Home Economics I, LightUnit 2.
Child Growth and Development Home Economics I, LightUnit 9.

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