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Laying a Good Foundation

When a builder plans a house, he not only thinks about the dimensions of the floor plan, the kind of roof, or the style of windows, but also considers the foundation. I am not a builder, but I understand the foundation is a key to a well-built house. A wise builder’s purpose is to lay a foundation that will hold up the house for his generation and remain strong for many years to come. The concrete foundation may include steel reinforcement, which helps support the building as it withstands forces of nature such as storms and earthquakes.

Steps to a strong foundation

A strong foundation prevents the house from shifting through the changing seasons of its existence. The same is true in homeschooling. To persevere through the seasons of homeschooling, one must lay a strong foundation. What are some steps to building a good foundation for homeschooling?

Recognize God’s call. When considering homeschooling, take some time for introspection. Why does homeschooling appeal to you? Are your reasons for homeschooling based on God’s call? Or does it appeal to you as a means of covering up a reaction to past experiences? An unresolved past will weaken your foundation. But when you rest your decision to homeschool on Christ, the Rock of Ages, He empowers you to persevere through seasons of hardships, to endure to the end of your family’s homeschool journey, and to leave a legacy for the generations that follow you.

Work as a team. A busy father will need to delegate most, if not all, of the teaching to his wife. But unless the father shares the vision of homeschooling and serves as an active principal of the homeschool, the foundation for homeschooling is in danger of crumbling. Mothers who homeschool without their husband’s support run the risk of burning out early, as well as setting an example of disobedience to God’s order of headship. Dad’s support is vital. What if a husband is not a Christian or is unconcerned about his children’s spiritual welfare or academic success? A submissive mother’s meek and quiet spirit coupled with prayer will leave a powerful influence for good on her children and a powerful testimony to her husband.

Choose a Christ-centered curriculum. So, you as husband and wife sense the Lord leading you to homeschool. You are committed to doing it together. Another dimension of a good foundation is the curriculum. While it is important to choose a curriculum that works for you and your student, it is even more important that the curriculum supports a Biblical worldview and upholds godly family values. In addition, look for a curriculum that will develop the skills necessary to live in this world as servants in the kingdom of God.

Strengthening your foundation

Suppose you find that your foundation is shaky. Maybe you pulled your children out of school as a reaction to something wrong in the system. You plunged into homeschooling without time to select a good curriculum, or without considering how homeschooling will affect every aspect of home life, including the roles of Dad and Mom. It’s not too late to improve or rebuild your foundation, as long as you are willing to take the necessary steps to grow in your walk with the Lord. Ask the Lord to reveal His will for your family. Seek counsel if necessary. Let the Lord cleanse you of your faults and help you improve your foundation.

Take time for retrospection as husband and wife. Using the Biblical mandate to bring up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, work out a mission statement for your homeschool. Talk about each of your duties as it relates to your homeschool so the two of you can pull together as a team. Based on your mission statement, look for curriculum that undergirds your goals.As the Lord builds your homeschool, you can look forward to the blessings of a strong foundation that will endure through the seasons of your homeschool journey.

—Layne Falls

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