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FAQ - General Support

1. How do I withdraw my student from school and start homeschooling?

Since it is almost impossible for us to keep up with any state’s requirements, much less each individual school district, we recommend checking with a local homeschool group or the Homeschool Legal Defense Association at 540-338-5600 or

2. Is it necessary to enroll in CLE Homeschool Plus?

It is necessary to enroll if:

  • you would like to utilize CLE’s Achievement Testing Service.
  • you want CLE to be able to produce a Permanent Record or Transcript of your student’s CLE work.
  • you want CLE to sign your student’s diploma.
  • you want the GPA on your student’s transcript to be based on all of your student’s high school courses.

3. How do I know whether my child is ready to learn to read?

Signs that a child is ready to begin schooling are:

  • expresses interest in schooling.
  • likes to draw, color, or scribble.
  • respects your authority.
  • can follow directions well.
  • can pay attention for longer periods of time.
  • obeys cheerfully (most of the time).

For more detailed information please order the Early Education Brochure (free).

4. How many hours of school should we do each day?

We recommend five hours a day, or 45-75 minutes for each subject.

5. Does CLE have curriculum for learning-disabled students?

The philosophy of CLE is to place a student at their independent working level – where they can work comfortably on their own, and at their own pace. Therefore our curriculum is uniquely suitable for learning-disabled children.
We issue a Certificate of Recognition for students who are mentally incapable of meeting our graduation requirements and yet have reached their highest level of achievement as assessed by the student’s educational authorities.

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