Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have a payment plan? 

No, we do not have a payment plan. However, most of the courses come in LightUnit format, which makes it easy to order the curriculum in small quantities. For example, you could order the first two LightUnits of each subject along with the corresponding answer keys and order the next two LightUnits of the same series in three weeks. Since there is no discount for buying the complete curriculum at one time you will not be losing anything by ordering in small quantities as long as you keep the total near the minimum shipping charges. Homeschool Plus fees need to be paid in full before we consider a student enrolled.

2. When does your school year start?

Homeschool Plus operates year round. You may enroll at any time and define your own school year.

3. Do you have placement tests?

Yes, we have downloadable diagnostic tests for grades 2-8 in Math and Language Arts. We recommend placing students in Bible, Reading, Science, and Social Studies based on their reading level. A reading level may be determined by looking at the Total Reading Grade Equivalent of a recent achievement test.

4. Can my student work ahead?

Yes, a student may work at his own pace. When a student completes one grade level of work before the end of the school year they may start the next level. If a student is unable to complete an entire grade level in a given school year he can continue where he left off when school begins the next year.

5. What do I need to send in to CLE?

We provide a Quarterly Progress Report for you to use to send in the following information:

  • LightUnit score and the test date for LightUnits or textbook-based course
  • The student’s time and attendance
  • A total of hours participated in activity-based courses such as Physical Education

Generally we do not require you to mail us the LightUnit tests.

6. Is CLE accredited?

The National Association of Private Schools, a Christian organization that grants accreditation to private schools and academies, accredited our CLE Homeschool Plus program. We were pleased to receive this status without needing to change our curriculum content or standards. A school’s accreditation status from an independent accrediting organization does not provide a legal guarantee that a student will be accepted in any private or public transfer institution. However, it does provide more credibility and demonstrates the program’s voluntary self-examination by a third party.

7. Do colleges accept CLE Diplomas?

Colleges and universities often use entrance tests scores and high school transcripts to determine whether or not to accept a student.  Usually our CLE graduates find favorable acceptance at a wide variety of colleges and universities in the U.S. and other countries. The work required to earn a CLE academic diploma is designed for college-bound students. Some colleges may consider a general diploma sufficient if the student passes entrance exams. A vocational diploma is normally for students entering the work force after graduation, but may be accepted at a vocational/technical college, or specific job training programs.

8. Will "CLE Homeschool Plus" meet state requirements?

It is difficult for us to keep up with each state’s Homeschool laws. We suggest checking with your local Homeschool Support Group or the Homeschool Legal Defense Association at (540) 338-5600 or info@hslda.org.

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