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School Support Benefits

We can be a supportive partner in helping make your school successful. School Support and Record Keeping offers:

  • Credibility, accountability, and a professional image of your school
  • Practical assistance for a schoolteacher who is swamped with work
  • Quarterly progress report card for students and parents
  • Permanent student records
  • And much more…

School Support and Record Keeping Provides:

Academic Counseling

When you enroll, a personal academic counselor will be assigned to your school. Your counselor will answer your questions about School Support and Record Keeping, and assist in making in making decisions that impact the success of your school — from beginning placement to graduation with a CLE diploma. All our counselors are committed to caring and professional customer relations.Your counselor will contact you periodically. In addition, you may call your counselor toll-free at any time during normal business hours. Help is also available by mail, fax, or e-mail.

Teacher Training

You will receive a free training packet when you enroll. These LightUnits deal with CLE curriculum structure, Biblical principles of education, and procedures for a successful school. You may take the course by correspondence or during a summer session at a CLE Training Center. A CLE Teacher’s Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the training.

Record Keeping

We maintain a permanent record based on Quarterly Progress Report forms you send us for each enrolled student. From this file we can assist you with feedback, verify the progress of your school to authorities if needed, and send official transcripts to other schools and colleges.
Your student’s file includes:
- A transcript of student's work from previous schools, if available.
- A record of academic work and attendance while in our program.
- A profile of the student's standardized (achievement) test results.

Academic Projections

The high school academic projection is a goal-setting tool designed to help you and your students get the most out of the secondary years of their education. It "projects" the courses a student will take through his high school years.

Report Cards

CLE provides you with manual report cards that you can keep for your own records. We will also send you computerized cumulative report cards each quarter.


CLE offers Grade 8 and High School CLE diplomas to those students who successfully complete the work required for graduation, pass a diploma-qualifying test, and submit the graduation fee. This provides a tangible and recognized verification of completed studies. CLE graduates have been accepted into over 175 colleges and universities worldwide.


Transcripts are provided for students who are currently enrolled in the School Support and Record Keeping program or who have been enrolled in the past. Transcripts are the official record of high school credits earned showing the student's grade point average for work completed while enrolled in our program, and are based on what has been reported to us on the Quarterly Progress Reports. CLE transcripts will also include approved high school credits earned as listed on official transcripts received from previous schools.

Other benefits and special privileges:

  • Counselors available all year—even when school is not in session.
  • Curriculum help.
  • Use approved courses from other publishers.
  • CLE School LightLines.
  • 10% discount on library books and non-curriculum items.
  • Longevity bonus incentives when you renew services.
  • And more!


Call CLE’s School Support Line
Toll Free (877) 226-8010
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