Large School Discounts

Does your school order over $2,000 of curriculum in a year? You can now save by using our discount plan for large school orders.  

Order totals may include anything from the website, but only LightUnits and Answer Keys will be discounted. For example, a curriculum order with a value of $3,300 in LightUnits and Answer Keys plus $400 in textbooks and $75 in other books and supplies would total $3,775 and qualify for an 8% discount. The 8% discount would be deducted from $3,300, reducing the order cost by $264. The discounted invoice total would be $3,511 plus tax and shipping.

A few more details about discounted orders:

  • As before, cash with an order earns 2% off the discounted order subtotal.
  • Large orders will be shipped within two weeks after the order is received. Expedited order processing is not an option for large discount orders!
  • Any changes to the large order (adding, deleting, etc.) will be charged $10 per incident.
  • Items back-ordered from large orders will be sent later at the same discount.
  • No large discount orders by telephone.

If you have notified us that your online account is for a school, the large discounts should show in your shopping cart. Call us if you have any questions.

Discount Schedule

    Order Total          Discount Rate
       $2,000                      5%
       $3,000                      8%
       $4,000                    10%
       $6,000                    12%
       $8,000                    15%

Download the Large School Order Discount worksheet here.

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