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Sunday School Overview

Quarterlies produced by Christian Light provide Bible-centered material which will assist our users in the study of the Bible itself.

Preschool, Primary, Junior, and Intermediate quarterlies rotate on three-year cycles, with on-level lessons from Scriptures relevant to younger children. Youth and Adult quarterlies are based on a new CLP eight-year cycle.

Teacher's Guides and Handbooks are designed to stimulate a study of the Bible itself rather than to be a finished product that can be used with a minimum of preparation.

Class Book—detailed attendance record for up to 25 names, with places for recording offerings. Attached offering envelope inside. 16 pages. 5” x 8”.

Offering Envelope—a separate envelope for attendance count and offering.

Superintendent’s Manual—suggestions for keeping your Sunday school running smoothly. 20 pages.

Teacher’s Guides and Handbooks include all of the pupil materials. Leaflets are pupil books with the spine cut off, making it possible to hand a single lesson to visitors. We now offer the Youth/Adult Teacher Handbook as a pdf file that can either be emailed to you or mailed on a CD.

Sunday School Order Info

Be sure to mark whether this is a standing order.  If nothing is marked we will send the order for one quarter only. If you mark it as a standing order, we will automatically send the same materials each quarter until you notify us of a change. If you need to make changes in your standing order, notify us before January 12, April 12, July 12, or October 12 for the following quarter.

We send invoices each quarter for that quarter’s material. If you have a small order and prefer to pay for several quarters or a year at one time, you may do so, but please make note on the order that you are paying for future quarters. Multiply the price by the number of quarters you are paying for and send payment for that amount.

If your order changes frequently, and you prefer to order each quarter, leave the standing order box unchecked. You will receive a renewal notice via mail, and your new order should be submitted by January 12, April 12, July 12, or October 12. If you do not reorder, you will not receive material for the following quarter. 

Sunday school materials are sent postpaid as long as we can send them the cheapest way. If you need them shipped a different way for faster delivery, we will be glad to do so, but will bill you for the postage.

Canadian customers may pay their invoices in Canadian funds. Multiply the total by the current exchange rate and mail to:
Christian Light Publications
676568 16th Line RR 1
Tavistock, ON   N0B 2R0

Sunday School Order Form

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This is a standing order to be fulfilled every quarter

Preschool Qty
Pupil's Book $3.00
Teacher's Guide $4.40
Classroom Pictures $16.50
Primary (Grades 1-3) Qty
Pupil's Book $3.00
Teacher's Guide $4.40
Classroom Pictures $16.50
Junior (Grades 4-6) Qty
Pupil's Book $3.00
Teacher's Guide $4.40
Intermediate (Grades 7-9) Qty
Pupil's Book $3.00
Teacher's Guide $4.40
Youth (Age 15 and up) Qty
Pupil's Book $3.00
Leaflets $3.00
Adult Qty
Pupil's Book $3.00
Leaflets $3.00
Large Print Pupil's Book $5.10
Youth/Adult Teacher's Handbook $5.10
Youth/Adult Teacher's Handbook - CD $5.10
Youth/Adult Teacher's Handbook - PDF $5.10
Other Items Qty
Annual Class Book $2.75
Offering Envelope $0.75
Superintendent's Manual $3.95

Please note: Your order will not be added to the shopping cart when you click 'Order these items'. We receive notification of your order and contact you if we need payment or have any questions about it. If you have any concerns about your order, call us at (800) 776-0478.

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