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I loved the Language Arts LightUnit 308 penmanship exercise on Proverbs and the mini-devotionals that precede each. It does a homeschool teacher’s heart good. I am quite blessed and happy in heart that my children will know the Lord through learning His Word.

My daughter just prepared and baked the brownie recipe in her third-grade math (304) LightUnit today, and she really loved the activity as well as the treat afterwards! Thank you for keeping schooltime fun and tasty! —Indianapolis

I have been using CLE for 9 years now and have grown spiritually from using such wonderful, godly material!  —Timmins, Ontario

We are especially pleased that you use the King James Version of the Bible. —St. George, Ontario

I appreciate the education that I received through your curriculum and felt it helped me spiritually. Since graduating I have been seeking God’s direction for my life. He has laid a burden for souls on my heart and I have felt it necessary to attend Bible college to prepare for this undertaking. —Attica, Michigan

The continuous review works well with our children. It makes studying for the tests more like another short review. I feel that the material is presented well for homeschoolers. —LaCrete, Alberta

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