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"I was impressed with the lack of denominational philosophy. The clear Biblical principles emphasized in the teacher-training course are relevant and applicable to all people at all times. I appreciate the strong commitment to raising children according to Biblical principles."

"Were you to fall into the category of being a brand-new teacher, totally unsure of what it’s like to take charge of a full classroom of high-energy youth, and actually teach them enduring principles of education and life, you would be needing good, solid advice and an effective plan of action. One avenue you might find very instrumental for effective teaching would be to sit in on a CLE Teacher’s Training course under the careful instruction of men who have been involved in Christian education. I attended the July 2006 sessions in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and was a student under Bro. Fred Miller and Bro. Elmer Glick. These teachers have a heart for applying God’s Word in the classroom and in daily life. Both of them gave positive pointers on teaching procedures and interacting positively with our students. I appreciate their help in equipping us to be effective for God in our teaching responsibilities."

"CLE’s teacher training week was very worthwhile for me. I feel I’ve drunk from a fire hydrant! I just hope I can remember half of what I’ve learned this week." 

"I would highly recommend the teacher training to any teacher. Especially new teachers and DEFINITELY for those that are not familiar with the individualized curriculum, as was true for me. It has been rewarding–I feel ready to put to practice what was taught."

"When it was decided to send our schoolteacher to training, I felt the urge that one of the school committee should also attend and get firsthand training and information to equip us to better understand and relate to the everyday workings of the school operation as well as supporting our teacher. I was not disappointed in the least; in fact, I would strongly encourage especially school committee members, as well as parents, to make this investment in the life of the children they are serving. The training does indeed equip us to understand the daily operation of school for effective working together with the parents as a team for the spiritual welfare of our children."

"I was so blessed by God to attend CLE training. There is so much that I could tell about what I learned...but nothing would really do it justice. The only way is for you to experience it yourself. My background is from a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from a secular university. I will tell you that I worked and studied harder that week than I ever have, but the greater reward is the legacy of raising godly children who will impact future generations though CLE..."God's TRUTH, equipping God's people, to do God's WORK!"

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