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FAQ - Teacher Training

1.    Who will benefit from Teacher Training?

Anyone working with children’s education: parents, teachers, pastors, school board members, etc.

2.    What is included in Teacher Training?

Each trainee works through several LightUnits covering topics such as the Philosophy of Christian Education, Motivation and Discipline, Interpersonal Relationships, etc. At some locations, there are separate phonics classes for teachers using the Learning to Read program. There are also lectures pertaining to both homeschools and classroom schools.

3.    Is this training only for teachers and parents using CLE curriculum?

No, this training is generic for teachers using other curricula. There is one optional session at some locations that covers the aspects of the CLE individualized learning and the forms and procedures unique to that style of learning.

4.    Can I take the training at home?

Yes, taking the course at home is an option for members of Homeschool Plus.

5.    Are there options for schools to do the training at a local location?

Yes, we will come to your location for the training if you have 10 or more trainees. There will be an additional fee charged for the trainer’s personal travel and other expenses in addition to the regular training fee.

6.    What are the benefits of coming to the CLP office for training compared to doing it at home or at my school?

Interaction and fellowship with other teachers and parents, firsthand curriculum displays and explanations, tour of the entire process from writing, to composition, art and graphics, and the printing presses in action.

7.    Is the training for homeschool parents different from the schoolteacher’s training?

Yes, during the training at the Harrisonburg office, many of the main lectures are the same but there are also separate sessions with Homeschool office personnel. A personal interview with a homeschool counselor is also available.

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