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The anabaptist vision

The Anabaptist Vision
Harold S. Bender

What is Anabaptism? This essay, first published in 1944, presents a classic statement of the essence and vision of the early Anabaptists. "We shall practice what He taught, believing that where He walked we can by His grace follow in His steps."

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Item: 274035   ISBN: 9780836113051   Pages: 44   Size: 7 x 4.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Herald Press

Anabaptists who they are what they believe

Anabaptists—Who They Are, What They Believe

Presents a brief history of the Mennonite Church, and a listing of 30 Scriptural beliefs.

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Item: 846070   Pages: 5   Size: 3.25 x 6   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Are written standards for the church

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Are Written Standards for the Church?
John Coblentz

Lighthouse Series Booklet. This booklet provides balance in a day when many say that written church standards are not necessary, that the Bible is our only written standard, or that we cannot speak to issues unless they are specifically spelled ou...

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Item: 252005   ISBN: 9780878136766   Pages: 37   Size: 4 x 6 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Basic bible studies

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Basic Bible Studies
Wendell Heatwole

A twenty-lesson study guide and workbook especially designed for use in instructing applicants for church membership. The first several lessons cover spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. The remaining lessons cover the Eighteen Articles of...

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Item: 252030   ISBN: 0878135294   Pages: 81   Size: 8.375 x 11 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

The bible mode of baptism

The Bible Mode of Baptism
E. J. Burkey and Brunk

Two Mennonite scholars give evidence from the Bible and early church history that enriches our understanding of New Testament and early church practice.

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Item: 252025   Pages: 18   Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

A change of allegiance

A Change of Allegiance
Dean Taylor

"Why was war allowed in the Old Testament if it’s wrong for Christians?" "What if someone broke in your house and threatened your wife and children?" "Isn’t there such a thing as a Just War?" Dean Taylor and his wife Tania were both in the U. S. A...

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Item: 252265   ISBN: 9780981897301   Pages: 224   Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Radical Reformation Books

The christian and the state

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The Christian and the State
Lloyd Hartzler

Lighthouse Series Booklet. What is the nature and function of the state? Can a Christian take part in politics? Should he help vote "good" men into office? This pamphlet outlines Scriptural principles answering these and related questions. Excelle...

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Item: 241225   ISBN: 9780878136759   Pages: 26   Size: 4 x 6 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Church history

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Church History: Resurrection to Reformation
Keith Crider

The history of the church is a history of real people—popes and priests, monks and martyrs, and many ordinary folks like us. All claimed to follow Christ, but not all had the same understanding of what it meant to be Christian. This account of the...

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Item: 274170   ISBN: 9780878132799   Pages: 407   Size: 6 x 9 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Comfort for troubled christians

Comfort for Troubled Christians
J. C. Brumfield

"And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver. . . . and purge them as gold and silver . . ." God's children can be joyous and victorious even in the midst of the fire of trial and suffering. An encouraging book for all Christians, this bo...

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Item: 241045   ISBN: 0802414044   Pages: 64   Size: 3.5 x 5.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Moody Publishers

Created with purpose

Created With Purpose
Rick Rhodes

What roles does God intend for men and women to fill? As society turns its back on truth, it also turns to deception and confusion. What will you and I do? This book is a refreshing reminder that God's original design cannot be improved.

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Item: 241605   ISBN: 9781939084200   Pages: 96   Size: 5.25 x 8 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: TGS International

Cults and the occult

Cults and the Occult
Edmond C. Gruss

Studies of the history and doctrine of each of today's major cults, followed by lists of Bible passages refuting their errors. Also discusses the occult, the Ouija board, and the Christian's response to error.

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Item: 241055   ISBN: 0875520018   Pages: 222   Size: 5.375 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: P & R Publishing Company

Distinctive beliefs of the anabaptists

Distinctive Beliefs of the Anabaptists
David G. Burkholder

Focuses on eight basic differences between Anabaptists and other religious groups.

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Item: 252310   Pages: 95   Size: 5.25 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Eastern Mennonite Publications

Doctrines of the bible

Doctrines of the Bible - Hardcover
Daniel Kauffman

Presents the teachings of God's Word on many subjects.

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Item: 252045   ISBN: 0836436454   Pages: 631   Size: 5.5 x 8.25 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Mennonite Publishing House

Dowsing how does it work

Dowsing—How Does It Work?
Ken Miller

Explores the subject of dowsing (water witching) from a scientific viewpoint, then looks at its supernatural involvements, and concludes with a Biblical perspective. Provides answers for the "it works" and "many Christians have done it" arguments....

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Item: 252195   Pages: 53   Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Calvary Publications, Inc.

Eternal security

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Eternal Security
J. L. Stauffer

Lighthouse Series Booklet. The author puts eternal security to the test of God's Word.

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Item: 252055   ISBN: 9780878139750   Pages: 46   Size: 4 x 6 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Glimpses of mennonite history and doctrine

Glimpses of Mennonite History and Doctrine
J. C. Wenger

A readable and inspirational study of Mennonite history and doctrine, from the founding of the Anabaptist movement to the mid-twentieth century. Emphasizes faithfulness to God's Word and the vision of the early Anabaptists. Study Guide available.

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Item: 274010   Pages: 258   Size: 5.375 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Herald Press

God  jesus christ    the holy spirit

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God, Jesus Christ, & the Holy Spirit - Book 1
Edward Yoder

Explores the attributes of God the Father, covers the work of God the Son, and surveys the work of God the Holy Spirit.Book 1 in the Growing in the Word Series.

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Item: 241590   ISBN: 9780878137275   Pages: 140   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

The high cost of holistic healing

The High Cost of Holistic Healing
Dr. Nolan Byler

A concise guide to alternative medicine with a wealth of information on questionable practices, some of which are nothing less than the works of darkness. Drawing from years of experience as a medical doctor and as a pastor, Dr. Byler delivers a p...

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Item: 241540   ISBN: 9780983146001   Pages: 58   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Ridgeway Publishing

History of mennonites in virginia

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History of Mennonites in Virginia - Vol. 1
Harry Anthony Brunk

(1727-1900) This reprint of History of Mennonites in Virginia contains the most extensive history of Mennonites in Virginia from 1727 to 1900 available today. This history takes us from the days before Mennonites moved to the Shenandoah Valley up ...

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Item: 270017   ISBN: 9781932676303   Pages: 554   Size: 6.25 x 9 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Vision Publishers

How to gain assurance of your salvation

How to Gain Assurance of Your Salvation
B. Charles Hostetter

Loaded with real-life stories and scriptural commentary, this book effectively deals with the question, "How can I know that I am saved?"

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Item: 252285   ISBN: 9780984817023   Pages: 64   Size: 4.25 x 7 Binding: Papberback   Publisher: Little Mountain Printing

I will build my church

I Will Build My Church
Val A. Yoder

In Christian literature, the universal church is lifted up though innumerable books and songs, but what about the local church? Can we rejoice in the local body? With conviction and passion Val Yoder illustrates a vision for the church, where stro...

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Item: 252290   Pages: 148   Size: 6 x 9 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Kitchi Blessings Ministries

The kingdom that turned the world upside down

The Kingdom That Turned the World Upside Down
David Bercot

The theme of Jesus' message was the kingdom of God. This book takes the reader back to Jesus' teachings of the kingdom—teachings that too often have been forgotten; teachings that are radical and leave no room for superficiality. Christ's kingdom ...

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Item: 274080   ISBN: 0924722177   Pages: 281   Size: 5.5 X 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Scroll Publishing Company

The knowledge of the holy

The Knowledge of the Holy
A. W. Tozer

What is the nature of God? How can we recapture a real sense of God's majesty and truly live in the Spirit? The book addresses these and other vital questions, showing us how we can rejuvenate our prayer life, meditate more reverently, understand ...

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Item: 252060   ISBN: 0060684127   Pages: 120   Size: 5.375 x 8 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: HarperSanFrancisco

Love and nonresistance

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Love and Nonresistance
John Coblentz

Wounds and injustice stir in humans a dark urge to retaliate. Jesus Christ was an exception. He calls us to a higher way of love. From Old and New Testament teachings, to the love of God revealed in Christ on Calvary, to practical implications for...

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Item: 252090   ISBN: 978087813647   Pages: 186   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Love your enemies

Love Your Enemies

Three accounts demonstrating nonresistance to evil: Dirk Willems rescuing his pursuer, Preacher Peter feeding the men tearing up his thatched roof, and Jacob Hostetler responding with love to Indians who killed his wife and two children.

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Item: 264355   Pages: 40   Size: 4 x 6 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Grace Press

Man  sin    salvation

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Man, Sin, & Salvation - Book 2
Edward Yoder

Begins before man’s sin and covers all of history until the time when sin will be no more. This study explores the many facets of God’s glorious salvation plan.Book 2 in the Growing in the Word Series.

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Item: 241591   ISBN: 9780878137282   Pages: 140   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Marriage divorce   remarriage

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Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage
John Coblentz

In an age when traditional marriage is being opened for review, when divorce is as common as marriage, and when remarriage following divorce is considered reasonable and right, we need to know what the Bible says. This study follows a question-and...

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Item: 241025   ISBN: 0878135448   Pages: 98   Size: 5 x 7 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Martyrs mirror

Martyrs Mirror
Thielman J. Van Braght

The true accounts of Christians baptized upon confession of faith who died for their faith from the time of Christ to A.D. 1660. Includes an index of Anabaptists persecuted or martyred 1525-1660.

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Item: 274020   ISBN: 083611390X   Pages: 1141   Size: 8.125 x 11 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Herald Press

Menno simons' life and writings

Menno Simon's Life and Writings
Harold Bender and John Horsch

This biography includes a condensed version of some of Menno's writings and an overview of his beliefs and doctrinal position. It gives a good understanding of early Anabaptist beliefs.

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Item: 274050   Pages: 110   Size: 5.25 x 7.375 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Gospel Publishers

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