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The twila stories

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The Twila Stories
Johnny Ruhl

Not so long ago but far, far away there was a godly young woman named Twila who loved the Lord. She lived in a country called Bolivia near the village of Santa Rosa del Sara.

Twila lived by herself in a small house next to one of the elders. She had cows and chickens and a horse named Good-Boy.

But Twila’s life wasn’t about milk and eggs or her horse. It was about loving God, serving people, and finding God’s answers for her concerns. When she was cheated or a favorite dress was ruined or she ached for the spider woman’s soul—in every situation, Twila searched, and God taught her something new.

Although Twila is not a real person, she represents the many Christians who turn to God to find the real answers to life’s challenges through prayer, the Scriptures, and godly counsel. She’s a role model.

You may never have met anyone quite like Twila, but there’s no reason there can’t be a growing number of real “Twilas” living today.

Well-crafted and delightfully told, The Twila Stories speak straight to the heart whether read silently or aloud to others. As an addition to a personal library or as a resource for school or family devotions, The Twila Stories will inspire young and old alike.

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