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Senior moments with god

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Senior Moments With God

Join the circle as seniors share encouragement and wisdom with each other. This compilation of 101 devotionals brings a blessing for every believer facing the realities of aging.

Following is a sampling from three devotionals:


It seems only yesterday that my daughter was born. Now she is old enough to be a grandmother. The distance between yesterday and today seems too close together. Who moved the bookends of time? I won’t live to see my great-granddaughter become a grandmother, but I know my God will be there for her and her children.


Satan has a special set of temptations in his repertoire as we age. I can already discern temptations that might become more pronounced as the years pass. But God says that He will not allow a temptation greater than we can bear. He has always kept His promises, and we can expect that He will continue to do so.


“How can I live wisely and well in the years that God has given me?” I have concluded we are students in God’s schoolroom. Our classes vary; the subjects and tests are not according to age, but according to maturity and God’s plan for each of us. God is a patient, loving teacher.


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