North american owls

North American Owls - Christmas Special!
Compiled by the editors of Nature Friend Magazine

"...The owl watching me from the tree began to bob his head this way and that. The mouse on the stump had clearly caught his attention. When the owl leaned forward and silently left his perch, I knew this would be the night. Within moments, the owl passed over the infrared sensors and the camera fired. The system had worked, but was the photo sharp?"

Join the publisher of Nature Friend Magazine and his boys as they travel country roads searching for the elusive owls of North America. Listen in the conversation as the wildlife rehabilitator is baffled why "Clacker", a young owl,  refuses to fly. Learn the strategies you can use to get close with nature and create your own memories.

A unique collection of amazing photos and rich firsthand experiences.

This product is no longer available.


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