Emmy lou's new shoes

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Emmy Lou's New Shoes
Edith Martin, Illustrated by Charity Hoover and Nadia Gura

“You better stay out of the creek today. The water is too high to wade,” Mom had said. But when Becky came to play, Emmy didn’t want to hear that little warning voice in her head. Emmy Lou hated disappointing Becky. So when Becky suggested, “Let’s walk across the creek just one time,” Emmy Lou picked up her shoes and led the way. The sun was bright and warm, and it was so fun to share her creek with a friend. Suddenly there was a splash, and one new shoe swirled away in the rushing brown water. A repentant Emmy Lou wished she could go back and do that day over again. She can’t, but she soon has opportunity to apply the hard lesson she learned.


Item: 264765   ISBN: 9780878137244   Pages: 48   Size: 6.75 X 8 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications


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