Music book 7 lu

CLE Music - Book 7

Book Seven deals with concepts such as: note names, numbers, and shapes, diatonic major scale: half steps and tetrachords, chromatic scale, sharp, flat, natural, double sharp, and double flat, minor scale, intervals, G clef, F clef, grand staff, and letters of the degrees, key signatures, time value of notes and rests, time signatures, triplet, and terms relating to dynamics. The CLE Music curriculum, designed for grades 1-8, consists of 8 books with answer keys, one teacher's manual for the entire series, and Music Drill Sheets. The series is suitable for use by homeschools, individualized schools or classroom schools. Each book reviews concepts learned in previous levels. Books 4-8 are also suitable for older students who have not had previous systematic music instruction. The Teacher's Manual gives helpful suggestions for teaching the series, and for developing a well-rounded music class. The drill sheets reinforce the concepts taught in the Music books. Order these by concepts taught, and not by grade level.


Item: 651007   Pages: 39   Size: 8 1/2 x 11


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