A match for mary

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A Match for Mary
Lois Y. Wenger

“This is Doreen from the Rhode Island Blood Center. All your blood work from January has been completed,and you are the match!”

A stunned silence followed Doreen’s announcement until I was able to manage a weak, “Really?”

The call from Doreen was the beginning of Lois Wenger’s intense journey through the careful, complicated process of donating stem cells. As Lois put her heart into saving the life of “Mary,” a 21-year-old woman she did not know, her emotions ran the gamut from caution to excitement, from hope to anxiety, and from joy to grief.

A Match for Mary gives a fresh look at the amazing, awe-inspiring human body and a unique opportunity to save a life and bless an eternal soul.

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Item: 264865   ISBN: 9780878137473   Pages: 160   Publisher: Christian Light Publications


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