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Canadian math 1 lu

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(SE) Canadian Math 101 LightUnit

This LightUnit covers:

fact learning
tally marks for one-to-one correspondence
relationships: first, last; top, bottom; larger, smaller; longer, shorter; over, under; before, after
reading and writing numbers: identifying and writing
addition and subtraction: + & = ; adding 1’s; writing facts vertically; adding 0’s; twins
ordinal numbers: second
shapes and patterns: circle, square
story problems: addition
money cup: recognizing & counting pennies; cent symbol

oral dictation: writing ones numbers; teens numbers
place value: tens, zero
counting sequence: from 5 to 1
number line: 0 to 10
greater than, less than: comparing two numbers with < & > symbols


Item: S80101   Pages: 60   Size: 8 1/4 x 11


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