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Joey's story

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Joey's Story
Ruth Ann Stelfox

Joey lied, swore, and fought. She smoked in secret and shoplifted when she had half a chance. And she was only a child. 

Her mother was too sick to notice. Her father struggled to run the household. Her aunts drank and partied with the sleazy boarders who lived in the basement. These were Joey’s role models—and she was fast becoming like them. Even when Joey and her siblings were sent to foster homes and eventually adopted, Joey’s problems didn’t go away. 

But behind the tough shell, Joey’s heart cried out for help. A loving God, already working in her life, heard and answered her cry.

Joey’s Story is the true, heart-wrenching account of Joanna Heger’s childhood and youth. Though told discreetly, it is not a children’s book. As you weep for Joey’s lost childhood and rejoice as she finds peace, the story of her troubled life will stir you to care more deeply for the many Joeys out there. It also provides valuable insights for anyone working with children from broken homes.

And if your life is a tangle like Joey’s—angry, rebellious, and helplessly ensnared in sin—Joey’s Story offers encouragement and hope through the only Saviour, Jesus Christ.

“I have been a foster parent for over five years. Prior to becoming licensed, I was required to participate in many, many hours of training. I believe I learned more from this book than from most of that training. I have had children like Joey in my home, and even though I thought I had an idea what those children were feeling, this book made it real. It gave me an understanding I don't think I could have or would have had otherwise.

Joey's Story gives us a reason to keep going. She proves these children can and do recover from the horrible traumas they have endured. Not only do they recover, but it's even possible—with God's grace—that they will thrive.

“I highly encourage anyone even remotely involved in caring for broken and hurting children to read this book.”


Item: 264740   ISBN: 9780878137176   Pages: 640   Size: 6 x 9 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications


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