Guiding the house 2015

2015 Guiding the House - Organizer
Dianna Overholt

Do socks disappear in your house, or mushrooms grow in your bathroom? Small wonder that 1 Timothy 5:14 tells us to "guide the house." It's a steady, motherly hold on the reins that keeps a house in check. Dianna Overholt could offer you safety pins for your socks, but here's something more helpful: charts and pages to organize your household's most important practical details. In this beautiful and well-designed planner you will find room-by-room cleaning plans, pages for canning and freezing inventory, meal ideas, family sizes and measurements, storage inventory, travel planning, and much more. With inspirational quotes and writings, this cheerful organizer is meant to provide one place to collect the daily details of family living and help bring order to your life.

This product is no longer available.


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