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The a w tozer bible

The A. W. Tozer Study Bible

This unique study Bible features over 500 key selections taken from over 40 of Tozer’s writings. KJV red-letter text with concordance and maps.

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Item: 305010   ISBN: 9781598567229   Pages: 1670   Size: 6.25 x 9.25 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Hendrickson Bibles

Afligido mas no desesperado

Afligido Mas No Desesperado
Harvey Yoder

Ben se había sentido orgulloso de ser camionero. A través del piso podía escuchar el bramido del poderoso motor. Ben había sido rey de la carretera, y además, pensaba que era rey de su propia vida. Pero ya no. Su vida era un fracaso. Sheila se hab...

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Item: 263846   ISBN: 978087813   Pages: 148   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Alvin and amelia

Alvin and Amelia
Katie Weber

Early readers follow the adventures of five-year-old Alvin and four-year-old Amelia. Includes a list of new words at the beginning of each story and a picture on nearly every page.

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Item: 264885   ISBN: 9780979200977   Pages: 121   Size: 5.5 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Ridgeway Publishing

Alvin and amelia live on a farm

Alvin and Amelia Live on a Farm
Katie Weber

Did you know horses wear shoes? Book 2 in this early reader series features longer stories about Alvin and Amelia. Includes a list of new words for each story and plenty of pictures.

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Item: 264886   ISBN: 9780983146025   Pages: 118   Size: 5.5 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Ridgeway Publishing

The baby who couldn't stay

The Baby Who Couldn't Stay
Karla Nisly

Hours of fun are expected from the soon to arrive cousin, but anticipation turns to tears as the realization dawns that Morgan is a baby who cannot stay. Full color, beautiful artwork.

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Item: 264890   ISBN: 9780615834702   Pages: 48   Size: 8.25 x 8.25 Binding: Hardcover

Bible story dot to dots

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Bible Story Dot-to-Dots
Mary Currier

Thirty-seven simple pictures provide opportunities to practice counting and improve hand/eye coordination. A story summary briefly explains each picture.

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Item: 334095   ISBN: 978087813   Pages: 40   Size: 5 x 7 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

The brickmakers

The Brickmakers
Rebecca Martin

Sixteen-year-old Peter strains his eyes down the mountain. Six painful weeks have passed since his minister father was rudely torn from his life by Anabaptist hunters. Amidst the heartache, Peter turns into a prodigal. Will he turn back to the chu...

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Item: 264895   ISBN: 9781933753317   Pages: 199   Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Carlisle Press

The celestial message

The Celestial Message
Morris Yoder

Across the vastness of space stretches the universe. There, galaxies spangle the heavens and stars blaze with energy. But does this domain have any connection to our daily lives? Is there any benefit to studying it? The Celestial Message answers t...

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Item: 350115   ISBN: 9781939084378   Pages: 179   Size: 9.75 x 9.75 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: TGS International

Crossing the distance

Crossing the Distance
Loreen Plett

Based on historical accounts, Crossing the Distance is the story of great distances, some created by God and others by man. It offers hope that, by God’s grace, we also can cross divides in our lives.

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Item: 264945   ISBN: 9780878137626   Pages: 480   Size: 6 x 9 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Bible crossword puzzles

Bible Crossword Puzzles No. 1
Compiled by Frieda Thiessen

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Item: 334185   Pages: 96   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Vision Publishers

Vision bible crossword puzzles number two

Bible Crossword Puzzles No. 2
Compiled by Frieda Thiessen

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Item: 334186   Pages: 96   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Vision Publishers

Discovery of design

Discovery of Design
Donald DeYoung and Derrik Hobbs

Take a fantastic journey into the frontiers of scientific discovery with this exciting look at research and design elements taken from the natural world. Explains how things like batteries, automotive engineering, paint, and even credit card secur...

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Item: 350110   ISBN: 9780890515747   Pages: 236   Size: 6 x 9 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Master Books

El cristiano e el stato

El Cristiano y el Estado
Lloyd Hartzler

(The Christian and the State) ¿Cuál es la naturaleza y la función del estado? ¿Debe votar el cristiano? ¿Debe participar en la política y el gobierno? Este libro comparte principios bíblicos que responden a estas preguntas, y a muchas más. Muy úti...

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Item: 241228   ISBN: 978087813   Pages: 28   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Emma a will to surrender

Emma—A Will to Surrender
Becky McGurrin

Emma is a Hurst, and a very determined one. What will God use to break her? Epilepsy? Incarceration? Cancer? Or perhaps all three? Under the wise and loving hand of God, Emma grows to become a joyful, sweet daughter with a will to surrender. A tru...

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Item: 264875   Pages: 206   Size: 6.25 x 9.25 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Vision Publishers

Follow me

Follow Me
Rebecca Martin

Twelve-year-old Daniel Miller hardly knew how to feel about his parents’ plan. Would they really cross the ocean to the land of William Penn? What an exciting idea! Yet Daniel likes his snug home in the German Palatinate. And besides, what of his ...

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Item: 264900   ISBN: 9781933753362   Pages: 186   Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Ridgeway Publishers

Getting along with people god's way study guide

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Getting Along With People God's Way - Study Guide
John Coblentz

Looking for a tool to smooth rough edges? This booklet can help. It presents fifteen to twenty questions for each chapter of the book Getting Along with People God’s Way, plus an extra lesson: “Humility in Relationships.”

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Item: 391490   Pages: 21 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

God gave the increase

God Gave the Increase
Robert Stauffer

An account of the joys and sorrows faced by the missionaries in the Red Lake area of Ontario, Canada. A testimony of man doing what he can, but God giving the increase.

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Item: 264935   ISBN: 9781941213599   Pages: 238   Size: 5.25 x 8 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: TGS International

God's miracle milk

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God's Miracle—Milk
Rebecca Newsanger

Rhyming couplets illustrated with pencil drawings explain how milk and milk products get from a cow to the table via the modern dairy farm, transport truck, and factory.

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Item: 264726   ISBN: 9780878137596   Pages: 40   Size: 6 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Golden apples in silver bowls

Golden Apples in Silver Bowls
Translated by Elizabeth Bender and Leonard Gross. Edited by Leonard Gross

Though not as popular as the Martyr’s Mirror, Golden Apples in Silver Bowls served as one of the foundational books of the seventeenth-century Swiss Anabaptists. Published in 1702, it was a wide-ranging compilation of martyr testimonies, confessio...

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Item: 274105   ISBN: 1884732054   Pages: 352   Size: 6.25 x 9.25 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society

Helping children with special needs

Helping Children With Special Needs
Jennifer Anderson

An understanding look at common disabilities such as autism and ADHD from a Christian perspective. Explores outside factors such as medical problems, trauma, and broken homes. Although written for teachers, it can also assist parents and anyone wo...

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Item: 815240   ISBN: 9780989529808   Pages: 253   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Ridgeway Publishing

Home on the blue ridge

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Home on the Blue Ridge
Pablo Yoder

From his ramshackle home on The Rock Pile, Paul could see a large and stately building up on the ridge. Paul knew that his father dreamed of turning it into a home for handicapped children, and he knew that his father was a determined man. What he...

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Item: 264852   ISBN: 9780878137589   Pages: 352   Size: 6 x 9 Binding: Papberback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

I will build my church

I Will Build My Church
Val A. Yoder

In Christian literature, the universal church is lifted up though innumerable books and songs, but what about the local church? Can we rejoice in the local body? With conviction and passion Val Yoder illustrates a vision for the church, where stro...

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Item: 252290   Pages: 148   Size: 6 x 9 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Kitchi Blessings Ministries

Inferno in the lost pines

Inferno in the Lost Pines
Katrina Hoover

Down the road the deputies ran, clenched fists meeting front doors. No polite pauses between knocks—these were desperate pounding crashes. “Y’all need to evacuate!” one yelled to a child. “Where’s your mom and dad?” The child pointed. The deputy g...

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Item: 264905   ISBN: 9781939084767   Pages: 228   Size: 6 x 9 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: TGS International

Little church house combined edition

Little Church House - Combined Edition
Marla Martin

The Conestoga River rises and threatens the little church house. Jon helps to save his church from the flood. Everyone works together in this richly illustrated story. In the second story, the congregation works together again, moving their church...

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Item: 263373   ISBN: 9780878137602   Pages: 208   Size: 8.5 x 11 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Los milagros

Los Milagros, Senales y Prodigios
Duane Eby

Este libro guía al lector a través de la Biblia, mostrándole lo que Cristo y sus apóstoles enseñaron y practicaron en relación con los milagros, señales y prodigios.

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Item: 241481   ISBN: 9780878138128   Pages: 28   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Love lifted me

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Love Lifted Me
MarJanita Geigley

Young Pouv had a tender heart and a curious mind. Things don’t just make themselves, she thought. Born into a Buddhist family, Pouv’s world—and her family—was ripped apart when the Khmer Rouge swept through Cambodia. Forced labor, brutal treatment...

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Item: 264925   ISBN: 9780878137657   Pages: 208   Size: 5.25 x 8.25 Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Mennonite church directory church locator cd

Mennonite Church Directory - CD
Christian Light Publications

2015 EDITION - This CD pinpoints the map locations of all of the churches listed in the Mennonite Church Directory, including the foreign listings. Search for any church by name, or get a quick view of locations and concentrations of conservative ...

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Item: 336003 Binding: 1 CD   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Matthew grady loves his enemy

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Matthew Grady Loves His Enemy
Samuel D. Coon

Preacher Matthew Grady could feel the people of Los Ebanos watching him. Matthew’s friend Juan said, “Father Costa hates you. He says he will chase you out of town.” “I will love everybody,” Matthew Grady said. “Even though Father Costa hates me, ...

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Item: 264915   ISBN: 9780878137640   Pages: 40   Size: 10.25 x 8.25 Binding: Hardcover   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Mennonite church directory

Mennonite Church Directory
Christian Light Publications

2015 Edition - A directory of Mennonite churches who teach and practice the doctrines of the Scriptures as historically held by the Mennonite Church. Includes geographical directory of congregations; directory of groups, conferences, and congregat...

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Item: 336001   Pages: 218   Size: 8.25 x 5.25 Binding: Spiral-bound   Publisher: Christian Light Publications

The more abundant life

The More Abundant Life
Renetta Brovont

A year of daily devotionals inspired by the trials and triumphs of a wife and mother of seven on a dairy farm. Grow in your daily walk with Jesus through “sermons in a nutshell”, and be inspired by the testimonies of others traveling the same road...

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Item: 241635   ISBN: 9780988543409   Pages: 385   Size: 6 x 9 Binding: Paperback

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