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The Homeschool Handbook is a tool for parents who teach their children at home. This handbook contains both principles and procedures to help you operate a successful homeschool.

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Item: 810052   Pages: 274   Size: 10 x 11 1/2
Binding: Binder   Publisher: Christian Light Publications, Inc.


Learning To Read Training - Set

For teachers not acquainted with phonics, we recommend working through Learning to Read Training—a training LightUnit introducing Learning to Read methods and procedures. The set includes the LightUnit, Answer Key, and an audio CD of the phonetic ...

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Item: 810110
  Publisher: Christian Light Publications, Inc.


Learning To Read Training - LightUnit 8

The eighth Training LightUnit is for first-grade teachers. This gives a thorough introduction to the Learning to Read curriculum and also includes a section of phonics for teachers with an accompanying CD. For first-year teachers, it is a nec...

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Item: 810108   Size: 8 1/2 x 11
Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Christian Light Publications, Inc.


Learning To Read Training - CD

The audio CD of phonetic sounds is used with the Learning to Read Training LightUnit. Preliminary Edition.

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Item: 810109


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