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Sarah of Break Neck Ridge
Joanna F. Martin

The story of Sarah (Barbe) Heishman of Baughman Settlement, Hardy County, West Virginia (1855 - 1943)

The brilliant red of the evening sky had changed to deep, fathomless blue. The autumn foliage of the trees on Break Neck Ridge had disappeared, and all that could be seen was dark silhouettes. Sarah cuddled little Shirly on her lap and laid her cheek against his soft, black hair. Where is God? Does He Care about us? Yes, we go to church whenever a preacher passes through. But is that the answer? Is there nothing more we can know about God? Shirly snuggled closer and sighed a tired little-boy sigh. Shirly had no answers, and Sarah had none for herself.

But God had answers for Sarah, and God had faithful messengers. Up from the Valley, again and again, came the itinerant preachers on horseback. They carried with them the glad tidings of hope—hope in the face of death.

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