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CAR CARE - Textbook
Ron Haefner

Fourth Edition, (© 2010). The text introduces students to three areas: the major systems of a car, the basics of inspection and maintenance, and the financial aspects of owning and operating a vehicle. After discussing what makes the car go, basic maintenance, and basic tools, the text leads the student through the major systems of the car: fuel, electrical, lubricating, cooling, the drive train, tires and brakes, suspension and steering, heating and air conditioning, and optional equipment. It gives guidance in developing a maintenance program and discusses minor repairs that can be done at home. It discusses repairing versus selling, gives tips for buying parts, insurance, and warranties, and ends with chapters on buying a new car and leasing a car. (Half credit, grade 9 or above)


Item: 606455   ISBN: 9781428342958   Pages: 451   Size: 9 1/8 x 7 3/8
Binding: Paperback   Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning


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